Some of the medicines used in treatment are listed below.

For a full diagnosis and treatment, please book a consultation with Physician of Tibetan Medicine Dr Barry Clark by calling 0420 926 488. Consulting hours between 9am - 7pm Weekdays. Barry is currently practising in Melbourne, Australia.

1. Memory Pills

Great for study, meditation, mental work and speech impediments.
$USD 12.00 per week

2. Precious Jewel Pills

For strength, energy, long life, resistance to diseases:

2A. Diamond Pill

Beneficial against poisoning and all diseases.
$USD 15.00 each

2B. Precious Wish-Fulfilling Jewels

As above and for paralysis, cancer, etc.
$USD 12.00 each

2C. Great Multiple Pill

As above and for blood and bile disorders and also an antidote to all toxins.
$USD 6.00 each

2D. Great Moon Crystal

As above and to strengthen the immune system.
$USD 6.00 each

2E. Precious Old Turquoise 25

As above and supreme remedy for hepatitis, all liver disorders, etc.
$USD 6.00 each

2F. Great Iron Pill

Similar to the above but supreme for all eye disorders.
$USD 6.00 each

2G. Precious Coral 25

Brain tonic and against seizure, epilepsy and brain disorders.
$USD 6.00 each

3. Happy Pills

Induce a pleasant sense of well-being, clear, relaxed mind and enhanced memory, digestion and kidney function.
$USD 12.00 per week

4. Smart Pills

For mental sharpness, clarity and alertness. Similar to memory pills but stronger.
$USD 15.00 per week

5. Weight-Loss Pills

Beneficial for acidity and heartburn as well as weight loss.
$USD 25.00 per week